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Race Results

The 1962-65 Miss Bardahl has one of the most exemplary performance records in Unlimited Hydroplane racing. The team was the first in the modern era to win three consecutive Gold Cups (63-64-65). In doing so, the team also won three consecutive National Championships (63-64-65) with a record reliability of 57 consecutive heats finished that rivals many modern turbine powered boats (and still stands as a record for piston powered unlimiteds).

From 1963-65 the team finished 57 consecutive heats, a record which still stands today for a piston powered unlimited. The following is a recap of the performance of the Miss Bardahl, from a race site & overall reliability perspective. Also presented are actual results scoring, as compiled by the race sites, for Lake Tahoe 1962 & San Diego 1965.

Tahoe '62 was the boat's first win, and San Diego '65 saw the team set lap, heat, race & reliability records (some of which stood for over a decade).

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