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The restoration and running of the 1962-65 Miss Bardahl is more than a restoration of a race boat. Rather, it is the restoration of a racing team.  The Miss Bardahl was restored by and is currently run by three of her original crew members - Dixon & David Smith, Skip Schott. A fourth original crew member, Roger Kruse, re-joined the team in 2008.  This is the same crew, who under the leadership of Crew Chief Leo Vanden Berg, set the still standing reliability record for a piston powered unlimited hydroplane with 57 consecutive heats finished.

Further, three generations of the Smith family have at one time crewed on this boat (Dixon & David's father Burns, Dixon & David, and Dixon's son Ryan).

Finally, Jon Osterberg, although not a member of the original crew, is vital to the history of the boat, as he found the hull in the early 1980's. This ultimately resulted in the hull returning to Seattle and finally being restored by the original crew!

Please click below to learn more about the 1965 and current crew members, many of whom are the same.

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Smith's & Miss Bardahl: Burns (standing far right with "Bardahl" shirt, and his son and current owner Dixon (kneeling to the left of Burns). Dixon's son Ryan (not shown) currently crews on the restored boat.

This photo is from Tahoe 1962, the first win for the hull.

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