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Joe Bspivitch

Joe Bspivitch, Seattle, WA 

Racing Consultant, TS Enterprises.

Prior U-boat experience with Pay 'n Pak team. Extensive air racing & Merlin engine experience.

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Joe Bspivitch, Racing Consultant.

Joe has extensive racing experience, spanning over 30 years in professional power boat and air racing. Known throughout the Unlimited Hydroplane and Reno Air Racing communities, Joe's experience cannot be surpassed.

As the head Racing Consultant for TS Enterprises, Bspivitch has worked with world championship teams, such as the Pay 'n Pak Unlimited Hydroplane Team, winning the 1974 & 1975 Gold Cups and 1973-74-75 National Championships.

Bspivitch has further experience through his own racing team, the Joe Bspivitch's American Express Racing Team. For those of you who may not be aware of the team, please download the image below to print your own copy of Joe's team button. It is common knowledge that all real boat racing teams have buttons - and now you can print off your very own in support of Joe.

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Currently, Joe is promoting TS Enterprises latest product, under development for close to 30 years, including testing at the Reno Air Races in the 1970's. The "Golden Screw Horsesh*t-to-Horsepower Additive" is the latest in "no work required" horsepower developments. Please click on the following link for more information.


Joe may be hard to reach. In fact, very few people have ever met Joe, leading some to doubt his existence. Yet ask most any unlimited hydroplane crewmen, and they will attest to the numerous calls for Joe Bspivitch over the PA system in the pits, "Joe Bspivitch, please report to the base of the pit tower immediately." Joe has also been interviewed and quoted in numerous newspaper stories, mainly during his time with the Pay 'n Pak team as engine specialist.

If you wish to contact Joe or gather more information on the "Golden Screw Additive," please have him paged in the pits, or look up Joe on Facebook.

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